Thursday, November 03, 2005

Glenn's Sacrifice

The Blue Angels were in town for Fleet Week, a Navy celebration in SF. I had decided to go up to Ghiradelli square and watch the Air Show with a few people. My friend Glenn decided to show up with a 6 pack of Amstel Light, and get crunk watching the theatrics. After the show, Glenn still had one Amstel. He hung onto it with dear life as we travelled across town for the next thing to do. Soon, we came across a trash can infront of a store that was on fire. I personally would have kept on walking, but that's because I think fire is kind of neat, and it can't really harm a metal trash can. Glenn on the other hand is a good Samaritan, and decided to do something about it. He pulled out his last Amstel out of its protective brown paper bag, and asked for my bottle opener. I then knew what must be done... Glenn was going to sacrifice the Amstel. He then poured the beer in the trash can, thereby putting out the fire. Well, this is where things got weird. As the fire slowed to a dull sizzle, a man with a shrunken arm showed up. I knew he was about to blame the fire on Glenn and I, and then call the cops on us, or worse, grab one of us with the shrunken arm. In an act of true honor, he asked Glen if he needed another Amstel. The shrunken arm guy then took Glenn into the grocery store, and handed him a crisp cold Amstel. Big ups to Karma! Booyakasha.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today I took a stroll through Yerba Buena Gardens by my apartment. It's a nice park in the center of downtown, and also has a center for the arts next to it. This banner was hung up on the side of the art center, for all park visitors to see. Here is what it says (just incase the glare is too much):
3-piece suit: $250
new socks: $2
9mm pistol: $79
gold chain: $400
Bullet: 60c
Picking the perfect casket for your son:
What the hell? Is this a real advertisement? If it is, Master Card will probably be required to lynch the head of their advertising group in a public square. If it is a joke, Master Card is going to sue Yerba Buena for every penny they own. I am at a loss. What do y'all think? I think I'll stick with my Visa.

Monday, August 08, 2005

SF Breaker Massive

Recently I had my family in town. What does that mean? TOURISM! Of course I had the amazing opportunity to spend a day on the Fisherman's Wharf in San Fran. If you live in the city, you don't go to the Wharf. It's like that one hang out where everyone from out of town goes to, and you stay away from. Nonetheless, I went, and what I saw was incredible. The SF Breaker Massive was out in full force. Grandfather Time, The Bean Stalk, and even the Blob were holding the Wharf down. They came with street cred, breaking like they were straight from the Rock Steady Crew. Well, enough said. Best check these pics. Word.