Thursday, July 13, 2006

Story: Meeting DJ Shadow in Mill Valley

So last weekend I went up to Bodega Bay with a few friends. While en route, we decided to check out Joe's Taco Lounge, a favorite little spot of mine up in Mill Valley. This place is a very mellow little restaurant in a very mellow little town up in Marin. It is by no means a place where you would expect awesome things to happen, but I was proven wrong on Sunday.

I went in to Joe's with Glenn and Kevin, and we grabbed a spot up at the bar. A few minutes later a woman with her children came into the restaurant. No biggie. Then, the father walked in, and the guy looked odly similar to DJ Shadow. Soo... they grabbed a table, and the dad headed over to get a booster chair for his baby.

When he walked by, I asked if his name was Josh. Then I asked if it was Josh Davis. He said yep both times. Soooooo, then mentioned how I knew he was DJ Shadow. It was incredible. He was friendly as hell. We were able to hang out for a few minutes, and chat about various things. DJ Shadow is one of the coolest damn musicians I have ever met. Anyways, he then went back to eating dinner with his Mrs. Davis, and his little Shadows. Those are some damn lucky kids. I bet they have Fisher Price turntables already. When I was on the way out, one of the Lil Shadows pointed at me and smiled. Cool family!

The only thing more interesting would have been if someone called my cell while we were chatting. My current ring-tone is High Noon by DJ Shadow. Go figure. And for all you people who have been sleeping on his music for the past ten years, Endtroducing might be the best album ever.