Thursday, January 24, 2008

Music Sleeve -Age -Face Sites Stuff

Thanks to my friends who occasionally (often?) know about cooler things that I do, I was turned on to two great sites revolving around album covers.

The first is Sleevage which essentially is a blog of album sleeves that could be considered as a collection of "pretty much the best album sleeves ever." That alone wouldn't make the site all that intersting. However, the person who owns it does an excellent job of offering their own opinions and feelings on the album covers. This I highly respect. It reminds me of an art history class I took in college where we analyzed the composition of album covers. Happy Cola (I never liked Kudos) to Sleevage! By the way, I don't think I would have given this site credit unless "Unknown Pleasures" (Literally the best album cover ever) made it on there, which it did!

The next site I find interesting is Sleeveface. This site is absolutely amazing. This person(s) takes photographs where an album sleeve provides the forefront, and then actual people fill in the background. So it's essentially a recreation of the album cover, where the person in the photo is hiding paritally behind an album cover. Excellent! I really dig the Garfunkel record, cause the guy looks like me. Also, an "adult" version of this same concept could be interesting. Album covers + nude models?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sam Flores: Bird Headdress Fatima

Sam Flores is one of my all time fav artists. I own his shirts, screen prints, books, and most importantly vinyl figures. I first saw his work when I moved to SF in 2005, and noticed his Tigerbaby figures at local vinyl shops.... but I didn't buy one. Two years later I realized I was obsessed with his work. At that point it took a minor fortune to get my hands on a super limited White Tigerbaby, but it was worth it. Holy shit it's freaking awesome.

Even more interesting I was in Upper Playground (great shirts, bad sizes)a little over a year ago when I saw they had the exclusive and super rare Yellow Fatima figure. I immediately had to have it. And it was at face value to! To make things better, I realized that Sam was in the store painting, and he did some custom art on her box. Amazing, now I have both my Tigerbaby (guy) and Fatima (lady) together in my display case.

If things couldn't get any better Sam one-ups Sam and comes out with a new colorway for the Fatima, and with a new headdress. Isn't the navy blue absolutely incredible? I must own one, and will queue outside Double Punch if that's what it takes to get one. Then, my Tigerbaby will have not one, but two special ladies to be displayed next to, and they're twins! Or does it count as split personality since they are both named Fatima?

Amanda Visell: Never Smile at a Crocodile figure

I just saw this great new figuring from artist Amanda Visell. I love the sculpt, and the way it captures her unique art style. The figure is cast in resin, and each is hand painted by Amanda. Too bad there are only 25 being made.

It looks like this is to a commerative figure for Peter Pan, hence the inclusion of the clock. Wouldn't it be cool if she accepted 25 purchases, along with a photo of the purchaser, and then proceded to paint the buyer in the crocodile's stomach? Talk about exclusivity.

Intersted to learn more?


Somehow I have managed to avoid such obscure web fads. However, I ran across a thread on one of my social discussion groups at work about lolcats. I must admit the whole concept sounded rather assinine until my friend helped bring home what this craze is all about. Here is a custom-made lolblogowner from my good friend Kevin. Gotta love the beams of light radiating from my brain. If only that signified signs of intelligence...