Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Apple iMac -vs- Dell XPS. Hilarity Insues

I just went to the Apple website as I heard they had just updated the iMac. While browsing the design section of the site, I ran across this Apple iMac -vs- Dell XPS image comparison. I died laughing when I saw this. Why bother with silly PC versus Mac commercials when you can show images like these!

Radiohead: All I Need video!!!
The best Radiohead song since Ideoteque now has an accompanying video. I always thought that "All I Need" was a song about a person in a relationship that contains both positive and negative aspects (don't they all?) After watching this video, I wonder if it's a combination or flip-flop between the positive situation of one child, and the negative situation of another. What do you think?

Here's a link to MTV's EXIT anti-traficking site which inspired the video. Also, if anyone knows how to imbed the video please let me know.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Buff Monster Condoms!

I just had a chance to meet L.A. artist Buff Monster (real first name: Buff) last week at his art show in NYC at Giant Robot. I also managed to snag his NYCC exclusive figure which should hopefully show up soon! Anyways, I just received mail from his site today that he is releasing Buff Monster condoms! For all you happy squirters (reference to Buff's work) our there, get some of these while you can at Buff Monster's site! I wonder if we'll see neon pink versions soon?

New Twilight Sad EP!

Twilight Sad is the best music to come out of Scotland in ages. The last thing that caught my interest from that part of the world was Franz Ferdinand. (No relation by the way, except they are both from Glasgow.) Anyways, I listened to "Fourteen Autumns and Fifteen Winters" over and over and over. It even became the sountrack to my visit to Scotland last summer. The Twilight Sad has just announced that they are releasing a new EP in June titled "Here, it never snowed. Afterwards it did." I heard the title single, and it's amazing. Defintitely pick this up from Fat Cat when it's released.

NYC Subway Map: Vignelli classic updated

Massimo Vignelli designed the classic NYC subway map back in 1972. His company has just updated the design, and it looks incredible! You can buy it from the Conde Nast store. If I lived in NYC I would certainly have one of these. Sadly the SFO subway system (Muni + BART) is a complete joke.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Uno: Pretty much asking to die

Here's the conversation:
Person1: Motorcycles are amazing. They're fast, agile, cheap, and look really cool.
Person2: And they're deadly as shit.
Person1: I think it would be cool to revolutionize the motorcycle industry. If I redesign the motorcycle to use one wheel, think of how profound that would be. We'd be able to cut down the motorcycle tire demand by half.
Person2: That's the silliest idea I ever heard. Did you go to college?
Person1: Glad you like the idea. I'm going to build it.
Person2: Man, you watch to many anime/sci-fi films, when you should be paying attention in school.
Person1: I'll call it a Unicycle.
Person2: I'll call the funeral home.

Foals: Red Socks Pugie video

I have been hooked on Foals' album Antidotes for a few weeks now. The album is rock solid from start to finish. Anyways, they have just released a video for "Red Socks Pugie" which is one of my personal favorites on the album. I really dig the video, but can certainly say that their album works best as a highway cruiser. (Especially in Cali where everyone drives like Speed Racer.)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ghostly International + Adult Swim = Ghostly Swim

Here's another A+B=C post. Ghostly International, self proclaimed music label for all things avant garde has just teamed up with Adult Swim to create an album "Ghostly Swim" themed by the various Cartoon Network Adult Swim shows. This album is completely free, and contains some pretty hot tracks from some of the artists I really dig: Matthew Dear, Dabrye, Kill Memory Crash, and some others I don't yet know. Thanks to Kitsune Noir for the lead on this item!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Search Engine + Cover Flow = SearchMe

Looks like a new search engine called Search Me just launched today. Essentially search results are shown as images in a cover flow type presenation. Apple lawsuit to follow? Here's a snapshot of searching on the artist Mars-1... it's his website!

Digital Be-In 16: Eco City (Fri Apr 25 @ Temple)

A friend just sent a link to the 16th annual Be-In event in San Francisco. This looks to be an all night event focused on amalgamation of ideas, speakers, music, art, DJs, and runs all night Friday. I do have to add in thought that we don't have a monorail as pictured in the artwork, but maybe someday we will.

Here's the official synopsis:
The Digital Be-In returns for the third year in a row during Earth Day week in San Francisco. Once again, the Be-In will be a launching platform for evolutionary ideas, initiatives and CHANGE – at the nexus of humanistic technology and the sustainability movement – this year with the vital theme of ECOCITY.

Join us for an evolutionary journey of visionary speakers, presentations, exhibits, performances, live music, top DJs, visuals, art installations and amazing people like YOU... at San Francisco's grandest and greenest night club and community center,

Superfuture: Urban cartography for global shopping experts

I recently heard about Superfuture when visiting Portland. Essentially this is a site where locals in various metropolitan cities create maps showing all the hot "local" places to check out in a city. Items listed include:
- Clothes
- Interior
- Food
- Bars + Clubs
- Art
- Music
- Hair
- Other
I was in NYC this past weekend, and this site was a godsend. I used it for all the various neighborhoods I visited, and found the maps very simple to view on my iPhone. If only the damn Safari browser didn't crash often... but that's another issue. Included is the map of The Mission District in San Francisco, which happens to be my neighborhood!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Frank Miller to direct "The Spirit"

Frank Miller the famed graphic novelist who wrote 300, Sin City, Ronin is going to be directing a new film titled "The Spirit" which was written by the legendary graphic novelist Will Eisner. Here's the intial leaked trailer!

The World Ends With You... or at least my social life does

Square Enix is launching a new title for the Nintendo DS tomorrow titled "The World Ends With You." This is completely new IP for the company and looks to be an amazing new title. Reviews are already coming in that it's one of the best DS titles yet.

The story is that you are an antisocial kid who wakes up one morning with a countdown timer on your hand. I assume this is a timer until when the world will end. What ensues is an action RPG that takes a lot of stylistic queues from Jet Grind Radio / Jet Set Radio Future. Items such as having the latest fashion affect the skills of your character. Other "pop culture" trends such as SMS, hip-hop, graffiti, etc are all tied into the game. I personally see this as a must buy. This game also makes me think of a Park Chan Wook film for some reason

Friday, April 11, 2008

White Gold. The best 70's band ever.... and more

My friend just sent me a link to the site for a new band called White Gold site. These guys are a 3 piece 70's rock band with a lead singer, and two backup singers. I initially thought these guys had some amazing videos, great PR, legenary style,and an amazing webdesigner. What really blew my mind is the fact that this isn't an ordinary band. Check out their site and see if you can figure out their real purpose!

Brendan Monroe skateboard

I have been a huge fan of Brendan Monroe since I stumbled across his work at a solo show at Giant Robot San Francisco. I ended up with a cool set of DIY paper masks as a result of that visit. Later I picked up a few of his Sour vinyl figures. Clearly i'm a fan. When viewing his site today I saw that he has designed a limited edition skateboard, and you can buy one! If I was to start riding again I certainly would pick up one of his decks. Then I would want to ride in a skatepark located in the forest, where you can ollie over rocks, and grind on tree branches. :)

Kenn Munk: Antlor paper skulls

I originally heard about Kenn Munk when he customized a few Jeremy Fish Bunnyskulls a while back with his signature white + black style. After browsing his site I learned about Antlor, a series of DIY paper deer skulls he created. Immediately I had to order a set, to show alongside my Brendan Monroe Sour paper masks. I'm about half way through creation, and these things are amazing. Here's a few important things to know about Antlor.

You can buy a set directly from Kenn Munk (on the Antlor site) for roughly 20$ directly from his site. You get 3 full color skulls in the set, plus 3 blanks skulls to color yourself.

On the Antlor site he also has a fourth skull that is free to download in both color and blank versions.

Antlor version two is in the works!

The pic above is for Kenn's versions of the Antlors. I'll post my custom versions once I make them.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey harbinger of rock, what's your name, and when are you from?

A friend of mine just sent me a link to this 70s/80s rock band hair chart from radio station WMFU. I myself am either Emil from 1982 or Bill from 1984.

Rocking hair!

Designer Gasmasks

I know this is already on a few other blogs, but I can't help but post it! I have always had an obsession with all things gas mask related. These three gas masks were created by an artist whose name doesn't appear anywhere on the site I assume based on the contact link that the artist might be named Diddo Velema? Anyways, these are incredible, and now I want to go draw something with gas masks.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Paintings by David G: Two of my Favorite Things

Here's a new painting I finished last night. The original idea was inspired by a woman with exhibisionist tendencies I saw at Ritual Coffee Roasters a few weeks back. I recently have been intrigued by the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, so I thought I would combine the two ideas into a single painting. This is my first foray into nude paintings, and I owe much credit to Ashley Wood for inspiring this shift in my work. Enjoy!

Acrylic on canvas 18"x24"

Insane artwork for Islands: Arm's Way

I just saw a post for the album art on the new Islands album Arm's Way. Though rather strange, I really dig the artwork. I also was rather impressed with the art of their last album Return to the Sea. In addition to great artwork, these guys make amazing experimental indie rock!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Paul Smith Boombox Briefcase

My frugal friend just sent me a link to the not so frugal briefcase. Paul Smith has recently rolled out a line of men's products all featuring different vintage boombox prints. I think the briefcase has the best usage of the prints. I personally wanted to pick up the Paul Smith wallet until I realized: a. the wallet is nearly 200$, b. the boombox print is on the interior of the wallet, and the exterior is black. Otherwise the line is.... brilliant!

By the way, Flight 001 in San Francisco (great store) has most of the Paul Smith Boombox line.

What will I look like dead?

I just picked up one of these mirrors after seeing this post on This is from the same designers as the skull mirror that my friend has. (Jeannie Choe and Steven Tomlinson).

Death Wish Mirror

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Paintings by David G: Japanese Cliff

This painting is rather recent as opposed to the prior two. I was trying to envision a cliff with bansai style trees. This painting is an exercise in interpreting elements of our landscape in an abstract / urban style. This is my current favorite work.

Paintings by David G: Samurai in the Wind

This painting is the second acrylic on canvas painting I have completed. Again I am studying how the human body can be interpreted with angles. I have also expanded the work to encompass scenery.

Paintings by David G: Graffiti Woman

I often paint on my free time, but never post my work online. I thought I'd go ahead and throw a few of my recent canvas works on my blog. Here is the first canvas I painted, and the first time I used acrylic paint. This painting is centered around interests I have in graffiti art, and interpreting the human body using angles.

April Fool's Day Balloon Invasion

For April Fool's Day, a few coworkers of mine filled the entire volume of my neighbor's office with balloons. She literally couldn't open the door. Well, here are a few pics of what happens once you open the office door, and the invasion begins. I am next door, so I am now sitting up to my knees in balloons as I type this.

As you can tell by the last pic, I am also statically charged. :)

(Photos are from my iPhone, so pardon the quality.)