Monday, October 20, 2008

Mash SF riding with Lance Armstrong in Austin, TX

Mash SF is a crew of track bike riders in San Francisco. (I see the shirtless dude with the Heineken keg in the Mission all the time.) These guys are on a whole different level when it comes to ballsy. It's analogous to a kid who hops off a curb on a skateboard, versus a dude who does a 30 stair gap. Anyways, these guys fly down to Austin, Texas (my home town) for a day of riding with Lance Armstrong. For the first half of the video, the Mash crew is riding around downtown Austin, then next thing you know Lance rolls up in a white t-shirt and starts racing with them. It's impressive to see these guys keep up with the king of cycling. Anyways, go to Mash SF's site, and scroll to the bottom of the home page. The video should start playing automatically.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Empire of the Sun "Walking on a Dream" video

Empire of the Sun has just released the video to their amazing new track "Walking on a Dream." I've been digging this song for a while, as it seems to blend the vocal sound of MGMT with the production of Cut Copy. After hearing more of their record, I feel it is even more like MGMT than previously thought. They are from Australia, so I doubt there was any influence, as MGMT is from Brooklyn. Anyways, their LP has been released in Australia. Something tells me that Modular will bring their record stateside shortly.

The Dears: Missiles

The Dears are a "hate then love" band, and this isn't a bad thing. My friend Jon first turned me on to their music ages back (~2002?). At first I just couldn't appreciate their sound. I listened to their first LP No Cities Left over and over, it didn't catch my attention, so I gave up. 

Somehow I thought about the record from time-to-time, often when mentioned by my buddy Jon. Some months later (6-12?) I decided to give the record a second try. Somehow it started to make sense. A few songs started to get stuck in my head. It's as if I was beginning to chew the crust around a rather unappealing sandwich. Eventually I had come around to the entire record, and absolutely loved it. Their sound (dark, orchestral pop) had finally caught me. Songs such as "We can have it," "Lost in the plot," "22: The death of all the romance" made perfect sense to me. I couldn't stop listening to the record. How is it that the hardest records to adapt to are always the most profound once you do?

Since then I have become a major fan of The Dears. I met someone who later became a girlfriend at one of their shows. I saw Murray Lightburn destroy Amoeba Records in SF while performing solo and accoustic. His performance was as vulnerable and dark as any lyrics on their record.

Well, their third record Missiles is about to be released on October 21 on Dangerbird Records. Everyone in the band has been replaced with the exception of Murray Lightburn and wife / bandmate Natalia Yanchak. I've heard some of the music from the new record, and it's already growing on me. This time however, this sandwich looks tasty before even the first bite. I think this is one you'll need to check out. But make sure you give it time. 

Two last items:
The Dears are playing The Independent on Nov 3rd with Secret Machines.
Here is that amazing acoustic performance at Amoeba by Murray.

[The Dears - Ticket to Immortality]

[The Dears - Whites Only Party]

Miss November 1978 for Kidrobot by Paul Pope

Kidrobot has collaborated with Playboy on creating an urban vinyl figure / designer art toy based on a Playboy Magazine cover. To tackle the job they commissioned comic book artist Paul Pope, who has done a lot of amazing artwork. After going through every single Playboy cover ever, Paul decided on the cover from November, 1978. I can't blame him. 

It looks like Miss November 1978 has already sold out on the Kidrobot web store, so hopefully I can find one on Haight St. tomorrow! 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Riding a motorcycle with TRON

Mare Street, E8 — Digital Club from Digital Club on Vimeo.
I have finally figured things out. I first though Digital Club was an actual night club. I now found out that they are a creative / design agency. This clip "Mare Street, E8" is a clip that was made for a creative review. I assume this is essentially like a show-off of skills. 

Thanks to Lovelife for the tip.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Time to get a new computer...

I've been interested in purchasing an Apple Macbook Pro for about a year now. I keep holding off as I hear rumor after rumor of a massive redesign to the Macbook family. Apple has finally just announced a media event focused strictly on notebooks, and it's next week! All the rumors seem to be coming true. Time for me to finally snag a new Macbook Pro!!!

Thanks Gizmodo for the heads up!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Breathtaking photos from Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Yann Arthus-Betrand is a photographer who focuses on images of our world on a very large scaled, with a focus on sustainability. His work reminds me of Edward Burtynsky, but in a polar opposite way. I feel Arthus-Betrand focuses on the beautiful features of our fragile world, whereas Burtynsky focuses on the scars left by humanity on our world.

(Gotta get down from meta-land now...) Ok, so Arthus-Betrand is having a show of his work in NYC in 2009, and then in California in 2010 (San Francisco not L.A. please.) The Boston newspaper has a large amount of his photos online, with great commentary!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Tunde Adebimpo + Dose One + Mike Patton = new band!!!

When reading Pitchfork today I noticed an announcement about a new band in the works. Tunde Adebimpo (lead singer of TV on the Radio), Dose One (lead singer of Subtle, 13 & God), and Mike Patton (lead singer of Faith no More, Lovage, Peeping Tom) are all going to form a band together. I assume this is going to really kick ass as all 3 of these guys are great singers.

I recently heard about a new project that Mike Patton is working on with Dan the Automator (producer of Lovage, Dr. Octagon, and others) called Crudo. Could this be the amazing new colaboration mentioned above? Dan the Automator and Dose One both live in San Francisco. Gotta find these guys and ask em!


Everybody, take heed... Now's the time to go buy Osborne's (Todd Osborn) self titled album, available on Ghostly International. I've been listening to this record for a few weeks now on shuffle without getting too excited. Then, a few days ago it dawned on me that I like get excited everytime an Osborne song ends up coming on. I then realized that his music subtly sneaks up on you, and next thing you know you're really digging it. Very cool.

His sound is rather interesting. It runs the gammit from House, Techno, Electro, Afrobeat. All in all his tracks are really good, and are also very varried. The record feels very diverse. Speaking of his music, check out "There." This song is a sonic metaphor for his sound. It starts out subtle and mellow, then really opens up and builds a lot of momentum. Also, make sure your sound is turned way up, and the bass maxed out.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fleet Foxes "White Winter Hymnal" video

I stumbled upon Fleet Foxes a few months ago, and have really enjoyed their music. I saw them perform at Austin City Limits last weekend, and they have been upgraded from enjoyable to freaking addicting. Anyways, check out their video for White Winter Hymnal. It's really interesting.

Now that you've seen it, did you notice the subtle progression in the lives of the band members?