Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Telefon Tel Aviv: New record, Tragic loss

I've always wanted to get into Telefon Tel Aviv. Anytime I mentioned listening to bands like Junior Boys, Apparat, Hood, or Album Leaf I was quickly reminded by my friend Kevin that their sound was largely influenced by Telefon Tel Aviv. TTA put out two records back in the 2000-2004 window titled Fahrenheit Fair Enough and Map of What is Effortless. Given that they were older I delayed hunting them down, but finally did a few months back. I was hooked.

Fahrenheit is a largely instrumental record full of blips, clicks, pops, etc mixed with some chill hip-hop vibes. Map of What took that sound, added some orchestral sound, and then threw in some dope vocals for good measure. Each of these records were far ahead of the curve, and are highly worth buying.

I recently came across their new single "Helen of Troy" on either Pitchfork or Stereogum. I really dug the song, as TTA again was re-inventing their sound, again in a good way. I also found out Bpitch Control was releasing their new record Immolate Yourself, and became even more excited. Well, it just came out today on iTunes so I had to buy it. Already I love it. Everything about this record catches my attention. the vocals, the glitches, the sweeping sounds, the beats. The flaws that were programmed in the sound are super cool to. Hearing a synth bend is rather interseting.

It seems that TTA is once again going to step into the limelight for electronic music. However, it seems a tragic event has occurred last week. Charlie Cooper, one of the two memebers of TTA, has mysteriously passed away. It's also strange how the new album's title is about suicide by setting yourself on fire. Strange coincidences afoot. It's tragic to hear about the loss of a great musician, especially as TTA has again released an incredible work of music.

Thanks Pitchfork for the tip.

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