Monday, October 19, 2009

Slaraffenland filmed by Vincent Moon in Copenhagen

I went on a Scandinavian and German vacation with my friends Marc and Kevin this past summer. On our journey we ended up in Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Voss and Bergen. There was something special about Copenhagen that left us all with a great respect for the city, and a little big of nostalgia for the three days there.

Recently I stumbled across Slaraffenland from Copenhagen. They are an interesting Danish band that use layered vocals, tons of interesting instruments, and are quite fun to listen to. I'd maybe compare them to a Scandinavian (and more serious) version of Beirut.

Anyways, Vincent Moon of La Blogotheque Take-Away Shows fame filmed at roughly 40 minute video of Slaraffenland performing their new LP We're On Your Side in various locations in Copenhagen. I therefore MUST recommend that you check this video out!


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